Work with Justine 

Every journey begins with a single step.

As a leader who is passionate about performance and people, you are focused on results, continuous improvement, motivating your high performance team and business growth.

You’re leading a highly successful retail, health or FMCG business and continuously seeking development for your high performance teams.

But you seem to be dealing with the same frustrating problems over and over – and don’t have time to get to the bottom of the issue.

Are you able to clearly identify and understand…

What is the root cause of the problem?

How did you reach this point?

Why you are where you are right now?

Do you need a Business Coach Strategist?


“Most businesses are stuck because they are constantly solving surface level problems without ever getting to the root cause. They have no clarity on the real issues they face”


I will work with you to create clarity and build an environment of performance, so you can act with purpose and conviction.

Together we will review where you are today; so you can get to where you want to be tomorrow.

We will get to the core problem and unlock the potential of your organisation from the inside out, so you can begin to unravel and resolve the real issues and move forward with clarity.


Three ways I can help.


The Business Diagnostic

To truly understand your business’ direction and the help you need, my Business Diagnostic takes a deep dive into your business.

Every partnership begins with the Business Diagnostic.

Over two full days, I will run through my four step process. The Business Diagnostic cuts through external noise and internal clutter, assumptions and misconceptions.

Together we will explore;

Where we are now?
Where do we want to be?
Where’s the gap?
How do we redesign and lead the organisation to get where you want to be?

You’ll emerge with new clarity and a comprehensive report that will clearly outline the areas of your business in need of new focus.


People Partnership

Build a more personal, ongoing relationship with me as your Business Coach Strategist in a People Partnership.

Following completion of the Business Diagnostic, you may choose one of the following options…

One on one sessions for CEOs or HR leaders in an ongoing, collaborative partnership over a six-month period

A one hour, intensive session about a particular issue that will be especially tailored to your needs.

You may also choose a Workshop session for the leadership team or key stakeholders, exploring current issues, fostering engagement and encouraging your people to take ownership of change.

Authentic personal leadership is the direct path to industry leadership.


Consulting Partnership

If you’re clear about the outcomes you need and ready to work, invest in a Consulting Partnership.

We will begin with the Business Diagnostic, before moving into a bespoke program designed exclusively for you. Key to the success of this partnership is one on one CEO coaching, spending time exploring your mindset and leadership style and how you can lead your business towards change and growth.

As a leader, taking time out to review your mindset and leadership style might not be high on your agenda – but it’s the key to real change. Through this process, I will deliver the tools you need for success.

I can also connect you with the additional resources and team members you need, such as experts in process improvement, training and change management.


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I have extensively changed my leadership approach. Justine has given me the ability to remove any ‘ceilings’ or restrictions that I may have previously placed on myself. I now have clarity in understanding my strengths and skills but also knowing where I can continue to develop in order to be the Leader that I want to be
— Melissa Knight / Woolworths