Endorsements / Testimonials

I have extensively changed my leadership approach. Justine has given me the ability to remove any ‘ceilings’ or restrictions that I may have previously placed on myself. I now have clarity in understanding my strengths and skills but also knowing where I can continue to develop in order to be the Leader that I want to be
— Melissa Knight, Woolworths
Justine is exceptionally insightful, professional and tough-but-fair and her coaching is enabling me to tackle challenges and be a stronger version of myself. Through working with Justine, I’m finding myself more able to cut through to the heart of the matter in professional and personal life to achieve goals
— Eda Utka, Write Publish Grow
Justine has a unique ability to collaborate and influence at both the peer level and the MD/CEO level on tough issues. Justine would always drive the team until a positive outcome was reached
— Ben Camire, GM Masters Home Improvement
I was lucky enough to work alongside Justine in my first corporate Leadership role. She quickly became my first touch point when I had a problem to solve. Justine has a rare combination of skills guided by an intuitive sense of what’s right. She listens, asks the searching questions and helps you find clarity out of confusion
— Jeanan Yassean, Masters
What Justine does so well and what everyone can benefit from in working with her, is that she is able to dig deep to find what may be causing barriers in an individual that is stopping them in elevating to their next career step
— Katrina Solvieres, Fantastic Furniture
If you need to uncover your potential and want to see incredible results, do yourself a favour and work with Justine. She will search for, reveal and create the perfect strategy for you to succeed
— Monique Smead, CEO Sovereign You
It’s amazing how my coaching sessions with Justine completely changed the way I’m approaching new challenges. Justine was instrumental to help me put things into perspective, break down steps and find the needed confidence to actually Start! – and the drive to transform ‘I’d love to’ into ‘I’m going to
— Carlos Guedes