THE Business Diagnostic

Does this sound like you?

You are busy. Your time is precious.

You want insights that are clear and direct - you want laser focus.

You want clarity.

You want implementable strategies that create results and systemic solutions to everyday frustrations.

You want to be able to act with purpose and conviction and get on with growing your business.

Yes, you are already a successful player in the retail, FMCG or health sectors. But you want more. You want to transform your organisation and take your business to the next level.

You can clearly see the value of advice from an experienced Business Growth Consultant.


How do you start?

We will begin with my four step process - a proven combination of strategy, organisational change, analysis, mentoring, authentic leadership and review created specifically to transform your business from successful to next level.

Over two days immersed in your business we will explore;

1. Where we are now?

2. Where do we want to be?

3. Where’s the gap?

4. How do we redesign and lead the organisation to get where you want to be?

My four-step methodology is based on my own experience in senior roles within the retail and health sectors, where I created innovative strategy, worked to transform teams and improve revenues, focusing on the key drivers in business.

Together we will find consistency, clarity, alignment and conviction. You will find the right people, create operational effectiveness and deliver outcomes.

This system is simple and clear and it cuts through noise to get right to the pulse of your business.

It’s the first step towards transformational change.

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It’s amazing how my coaching sessions with Justine completely changed the way I’m approaching new challenges. Justine was instrumental to help me put things into perspective, break down steps and find the needed confidence to actually Start! – and the drive to transform ‘I’d love to’ into ‘I’m going to
— Carlos Guedes